Welcome to Ann Arbor!

⛈️ UPDATE: Rain Plan Activated ⛈️

Sadly our optimistic gamble with the weather seems to have failed, as there is consistent rain, cold, and wind forecast for the afternoon.

Because of this, we'll be moving the ceremony to the The Graduate Hotel

Updated logistics:

We’re so grateful to you for making the trip to be with us. Our greatest hope for this event is to recognize and celebrate the community who has supported us through this journey – all of you. We’re excited for the important people from so many different phases of our lives to come together for the first time.

Thank you for the love and support you’ve provided over the years. We hope you’ll have a great time this weekend. Enjoy the party!

Lots of love, Catie & Horace

❓️Weekend FAQ❓️

What am I doing this weekend?

Please see the schedule for information on the weekend's events.

What if it’s very cold or raining?

Rats! Our bargain with the witch has failed. In case of inclement weather, guests will be notified by email. The ceremony will be held at The Graduate Hotel at 4PM. Shuttles will leave at 3:30PM from the Hampton Inn. There are no weather-related changes that will be made to the Friday or Sunday events.

I’m still confused and need to talk to a person.

With any urgent questions or concerns, please text or call Denise (Catie’s mom) at 303-887-0690.